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By increasing your income and decreasing your expenses, you can easily pay your monthly expenses and you will have to save.

Involving you in local projects, you will have and create stable jobs that will allow you to retire with the security of being able to cover your expenses, and develop strong community bonds that will give you a life purpose while you rebuild family values in the community.

Something that smells bad in Society!

Governments and the financial system have begun to pursue cryptocurrencies.

What do they fear?

Global Revolution?

Can cryptocurrencies cause a revolution in the global economic model?

the Awakening of the Citizens?

Are cryptocurrencies the beginning of a change of social and political paradigm in the whole planet?

Now we will explain you all this!

So that you have an advantageous position facing this phenomenon and can turn it into a profit opportunity, financial consolidation and personal growth.

The Unhappy race of the rat

They have trained us, like laboratory rats, to work for the eternal promise that the next product we buy will give us happiness.

The race of the rat
Consumerism is a drug, work to consume and return to work. We are slaves of the current economic and financial model
We are bombarded with advertising so that we consume compulsively
Ecological Destruction
No matter that we exhaust or destroy natural resources, and that we destroy ourselves in the process

We live on a finite planet, but the current economic model requires an infinite expansion, which is contrary to common sense. Therefore, the more we exploit the planet’s natural resources, produce less “goods” and generate more “evils”.

The plastic continent, also known as the garbage island, is an oceanic area covered with marine debris in the center of the North Pacific Ocean.

Older people working vs unemployed youth

Automation and technology eliminate jobs, but in this perverse economic model, it is forced to increase the retirement age.

Resulting in an aberrant distortion: older adults working, while young people do not get employment.

40 hours per week!

There was a time in the United States when women stayed at home. The husbands went to work 40 hours a week, and with that income they could retire at age 60 with a good pension.

Today, husband and wife work on the street, and with 40 hours a week of work each, can barely pay the rent and services.

Activities in Primitive Societies

“When white man find land, Indians running it, no taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water. Women did all the work. Medicine man free. Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing; all night having sex.”

Indian Chief “Two Eagles”

Where white man went wrong?

Nor in primitive societies, they worked as much as we work now!

The development of computers, Internet and instant communications has produced a great increase in productivity.

But who are the ones who really get rich with this super productivity?

Where does the current financial model take us?

1% of the world population has 50% of the planet’s wealth, and by 2030, 66%.

The True Slavery

Before, the owner had to take care of his slaves, give them food, shelter, clothes, cure them… Until someone thought, would not it be cheaper if the slaves looked for their own food, their house, their clothes and their medicines? while they continue to work for us?

Oh! And if, by the way, they think they are free, better, because that way they would never rebel!

Financial Slavery

Slavery was not abolished for humanitarian reasons, but was transformed into something more subtle and powerful

The control of money is the source of the power of our enslavers

Governments are under the control of Bankers

“Let me issue and control the money of a nation and I do not care who makes his laws ”

- Mayer Amschel Rothschild -

Rules for Rulers


The plan to achieve monetary freedom

We all deserve to be free, free to create, build and share what we are passionate about and give meaning to our existence, and not only what we are obliged to do.

This is our struggle, the struggle to achieve our monetary freedom, and Unitycoin is the plan to achieve this freedom.

As citizens we must take responsibility for our money

“The big lie of being an adult is to believe that other adults know what they are doing. They usually do not know. And this also applies to the government. If we really want to have a better country, let’s stop treating people in government as if they were experts, as if they really know what they are doing, and let’s take away from the government all the power that is humanly possible”.

- Ben Shapiro -

“Elites are parasitic and corrupt, People are ignorant and superstitious”

- Voltaire 1.750 -

The political battle of the 21st century:

The Citizenization of Finance

“Over the past 4,000 years societies have discovered that debts grow faster than people can pay.”

“Today, these debts come from money created from the air by a small financial oligarchy. We need to annual these debts! That is what they are not going to do. The banking oligarchy prefers to annul the right to life of 90% of the world’s population, rather than canceling this false money owed to them”.

- Michael Hudson -

In the Bible, it was ordered that every 7 and 50 years all debts be forgiven (Deuteronomy 15: 2).

Those interested in changing the Paradigm are the Citizens

"The concentration of monetary power in the hands of a few, creates corruption."

"Politicians tell us what we want to hear and then, once elected, they have another agenda, often completely different from what was promised, and most of the time, not for our benefit! They spend all their time spending and wasting our hard earned money, without responsibility."

- Nephalem Films -

Banking and corporate mafias, use the power of the government to extract money from citizens, giving little or no good or service to society. Over Taxation (Excessive Taxes) is the last form of looting. It is also a robbery, argued with childish euphemisms.

And who started these winds of freedom was


• We no longer have to swallow the indoctrination of the elites by unidirectional means of communication: the radio, the written press or television.

• Now we connect with people from all over the world, we share ideas, we educate and train with each other.

The world is going through a process of vertiginous change:

From the vertical organization to the horizontal organization

Vertical Organization

Horizontal Organization

The two big problems we have

1- The vertical systems of power (the government and the banking) do not want to cede power.

2- The citizens are not trained, prepared to work in this new type of human relations.

DLT (distributed ledger technologies) Cryptocurrencies, are a tool that helps solve problem 1.

For problem 2, we have our sister project E-Nation.

"The banking system has become a dysfunctional public-private project"

"The universal guarantees of the State coexist with inefficient regulation. This allows banks to obtain immense benefits based on taking risks when things go well, while the States assume the losses when the bad times come.”

The dark side of the Bank

Who moves the threads behind the curtain?

97 Percent Owned

"Documentary that reveals how money is the root of the current social and economic crisis"


Princes of the Yen

"How the central bank authorities have deliberately sabotaged the country's economy, pushing the price of houses out of reach"


The Spider's Web

"The central role of England creating a network of financial paradises that help the rich and powerful around the world, avoid their obligations to society"


A new technology has been introduced

"So important that it will strike the future and destiny of humanity. Inscrutable, it is so powerful that if captured and controlled it could enslave all humanity, but if it is allowed to remain free and flourish, it could foster unimaginable levels of peace and prosperity."

- Mike Maloney -

Original Purpose of


1- Totally anonymous digital transfers of money.

2- Without control by some central authority, such as the government or banks.

Bitcoin Genesis Block: “second rescue for banks”

“A pure version of electronic cash, from point to point, and without going through a financial institution.”

- Satoshi Nakamoto -

Cryptocurrencies are in Evolution

1st Generation:

Bitcoin: The Blockchain, the Proof of Word (PoW).

2nd Generation:

Ethereum: The Smart Contracts.

3rd Generation:

Byzantine Fault Tolerant Algorithms: Ethermint, from PoW to Proof of Stake (PoS).

Recognizing the Great

Satoshi Nakamoto​

Gave humanity a great tool, doing what was believed impossible a decade ago, making a decentralized digital currency.

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, and many others have also made great contributions to continue the development of this technology.

Design weaknesses to massify


Technical weaknesses to massify cryptocurrencies

The Principal Problem

The main problem of cryptocurrencies is a bottleneck that does not allow their massive use, TPS.

Governments live stages 3 and 4 of the paradigm shift process.

This monetary freedom will not be achieved without fighting

- Mike Maloney -

“The powers that be are not going to want to fall without a fight, and this has the potential to supplant most of what they do, take away much of the power

The best way to defeat an uprising is to lead it.” As we see today, this corrupt system is defended with a combination of ‘law’, seduction / greed, brute force, coercion and subterfuge. “

The governments want to implement the “ORWEL”

A new digital currency backed by the government. Each individual transaction must register the international tax identification of both parties, person and company. There is no valid iTIN, there is no participation in the digital payment system. End of story.

All the information of the transaction is stored in a database that is always available to governments.

Alternative payment networks that do not enforce this requirement will be illegal and will be subject to prosecution and confiscation of all value that they contain. Any wallet or coin account anywhere in the network can be viewed, seized or taxed at any time.

- Erik Townsend -

That is why the Price of Cryptocurrencies has Decayed

The Battle Between Bitcoin and Bankers Heats Up

"Coinbase delivers the information of 13,000 users to the IRS"

We have great dangers along the way

Ironically, the technology initiated by the inventors of Bitcoin with the purpose of achieving their libertarian characteristics, will be used to achieve this same functionality in the police state.

"Everything is sold to the public as a totally necessary measure to combat terrorism and tax crimes. And the vast majority of the general public welcomes the new system with open arms."

- Erik Townsend -

Seeing these powerful interests

Citizens must unite to fight this war once and for all, counterattack this central power and its money.



Monetary Freedom

For the benefit and under the control of citizens.


We are not against banks, but against an obsolete system:

“Banks were a sensible way to organize the financial system during the industrial era, but they are no longer useful for progress”

"There are politicians and bankers with a good will to make the changes.

But the current systems of society do not allow it. The banking sector, is socially useless.”

- Adair Turner -

Former banker and banking regulator.

Just as in the nineteenth century we separated religion from political power, we must separate the creation of money from the collection of taxes

Monetary Slavery
Forces to use only money FIAT (money printed from the air) created by the exclusive monopoly of the central government and private banks.
Monetary Freedom
Allows that the currencies emitted by governments or not, coexist side by side and that the best currencies gain participation in the market.

We must pay taxes to governments. But the equivalent in the currency that we citizens decide.


UnityCoin - The Solution

UnityCoin a cryptocurrency that will be massively adopted because it is both a store of value and a means of exchange.

Designed for the Benefit of All
Where citizens have the power of creation and control. (not the central banks, not the governments, not the miners, not a company, not a closed foundation).
Completely Transparent
Open Government, with a fixed value and human meaning, which can be mined in home computers and mobile phones, since it replaces the PoW with PoC (proof of commitment).

UnityCoin - Solutions -



The current state of the Crypto

The cryptocurrencies are, until now, a proof of concept, successful prototypes valued in tens of billions of dollars, but that despite this great investment, they are still unable to replace the global payment systems like Visa.

There are many challenges to solve, developing a cryptocurrency is not just solving some technical and design problems. It requires knowledge not only of programming and security, but also of other sciences such as psychology, society and real economy, sciences that humanity has not yet fully developed.

We need your participation
The union of the many is our strength

Share this page with anyone who wants monetary freedom.

Participate in the management of this whole project, we have done it for you, so you have control.



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Take part of the last revolution (peaceful)


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