What is Monetary Freedom?

Is the power of creation and control of money in the Citizens's hands.

Not in the hands of 
Corrupt Elites

Move from slavery to Freedom, that is


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Unitycoin Protects

Your Savings

The purpose of Unitycoin is protect your savings, so you do not lose all your money when the financial system collapses again.

Unitycoin is the Solution

Store Value

Unitycoin protects you from inflation, including inflation in dollars, allowing your savings to be maintained over time.

Means of Exchange

Designed for the exchange of products and services.

Designed for the Benefit of All

All Unitycoin users, without exception, make profits from the system.

Citizens have the power of creation and control

Citizens organized horizontally (not vertically) decide the future of the currency.

Completely Transparent

All proposals, discussions and decisions are public.

Decentralized Government

Decision making is horizontal: Everyone has the same importance.

Fixed Value with Human Meaning

We are the only cryptocurrency/currency with real physical value, which drives its users to work for the benefit of humanity.

Can be mined in home computers and smartphones

Replace the work test (PoW) with the commitment test (PoC)

Community Development
Unitycoin promotes the development of Physical and Virtual Communities : Open Source, Open Hardware, NGO's and online communities.
Ecovillage financing
Local jobs, financing of local energies, housing, food production and everything necessary to form self-sustainable ecovillages

Use the secret of money creation

To multiply 
your Income
Personal Projects
Financing your personal projects
Social Projects
Investing in enterprises or in social projects of your preference
Multiply your profits and  
decrease your expenses

by participating financially in local projects

Local Food
Local food production
Integral Education
Oriented to entrepreneurship and family values
Local Medicine
Production of medicines at low cost, quality medical care, without a waiting list
Local Energy
Local generation of electricity and fuels at lower cost
Personal Extra 

By increasing your income and decreasing your expenses, you can easily pay your monthly expenses and you will have money to save.

Involving you in local projects, you will have and create stable jobs that will allow you to retire with the security of being able to cover your expenses, and develop strong community bonds that will give you a life purpose while you rebuild family values in the community.

What will happen to us if we do not use Unitycoin?

Banking, Government and Big Corporations will continue to conspire to keep us slaves to their power structure.

Loss of Savings
Inflation, implosion of fiat money, 4th dollar default, confiscation of property, loss of purchasing power.
Loss of Anonymity in Payments
We will be the last generation with the freedom to decide what to buy.
Crony State
Corruption, Bureaucracy, Incompetence and Police State.
In the absence of a mechanism of integration of extreme opinions, the division becomes the rule.
New Oligarchy
Creation and Administration of cryptocurrencies through centralized organisms, because they are not 100% distributed
Good Guys have no Value
Good governments, good Politicians, Ethical Banking and Big Corporations with new values, will be crushed and will not be able to flourish.

Why do we succeed where others have not succeeded?

We have a solid knowledge of economics, since we are the authors of the Fundamental Laws of the Economy. We are also the first to completely define the relationship between money and the system of productions of goods and services.

We are the authors of The First Constitution fully adapted to the reality of the 21st century.

We have given a purpose to life, by creating The First Evolutionary Theory fully proven by the scientific method.

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